News Correspondents

E.D. Hill, host of Fox News Channel's Fox News Live... "Lovely book turns the elements of music into cartoon characters to teach children about music. (Thanks to Mike)"

Richard F. Rose, D.M.A., Professor of Music at the University of Miami and Miami-Dade College... "I've watched this series grow from one idea to a complete methodology.  The introduction of every concept has been researched and tested in order to provide maximum learning and fun!"

John Georgini, Professor of Music... "Entertaining and unique...
It will capture the attention of children and is an excellent learning tool!"

Jane Pyle, Professor of Music Education, Miami-Dade College...
"This product deserves an award!"
- In Loving Memory -
Thank You & God Bless You, Jane Pyle!

Elaine Levine, Kindergarten Teacher, Key Biscayne Elementary School... "My students sat spellbound as we listened to the CD and followed along with the book.  EVERY teacher and parent should have the opportunity to share this product with their children!"

Stephen Franckevich, Elementary School Music Teacher...
"Love the product! …a great way for a teacher to bring home all the concepts involved while teaching basic notation...Something tells me many more will follow!  I will continue to send feedback as I implement your curriculum.  All the best!"
Parents & Children

Marianna Sedlak... "I must tell you, that your music, as well as the children's book, is the Absolute Hit!  You actually got a Fan Club in our family!  Children just love the book; it looks like they don't get tired of listening it over and over again.  I pretty much have only one word to say about it: it is Awesome!"

Scott Migone...

Gary & Family...
"The book and accompanying material is beautifully produced.  I couldn't help but think that what I saw is only a small sampling of the talent you all possess.  The setting at Books & Books was wonderful.  We were glad to purchase a set of Grand Staff & His Musical Friends!"

Lynne Swift...
"Isabella loves your book!  She made me drive home from her Dads the long way so she could hear the CD, a few times!  Best of luck with the book!"

Lynda Vital, Libertyville...
"I think the product is very fantastic!  I sent the address to some members of my family out East and another teacher-friend of mine, and a few are ordering it.  I sincerely think it's a great idea and I wish it had been around when my kids were little.  I hope that you are successful with your marketing and other plans; every elementary school would benefit from it."

Christina Earl, SC...
"Can you please tell when the second book, The Dynamics of Music, is expected to be published?"

"I received your product - I love the look and feel of it."
Schools & Daycare Centers

Seminole Tribe of Florida Daycare Centers
Renowned for their outstanding excellence in early child care and early childhood development, the Seminole Tribe of Florida adopts Grand Staff & His Musical Friends into all of their state-of-the-art daycare centers after featuring Mike Singer, Creator & Author, as a special guest speaker at their annual teachers meeting.

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Dora Hammer... "I was so impressed with the material you sent to me.  The story book is GREAT!  I love the work book with the stickers and various activities.  The slogan for my studio is "We make learning fun!"  So this material (fits into ) our program beautifully!  Would be very interested to see the rest of the series."

Sandy, Mannerino's Sheet Music, Cincinnati, OH...
"Grand Staff and Friends arrived in today's mail!  Several of the staff in the Choral and Keyboard Departments have examined the materials and agree that we should preview them here in the store.  We will feature the musical activities book in the Keyboard Dept., near the register.  In my opinion, your product matches and exceeds teachers' expectations of most note spellers from Alfred, Kjos, and other publishers."

Josephine Vaggis, Australia... "Hi I am interested in purchasing the complete set for my 5 /1/2 year… 2ndly I am from Australia do you ship to Australia or have a distributor hear where I can purchase the set from?  Thanks"

Tracy Alder, United Kingdom...
"Hi, I am interested in your product - An introduction to music for all ages.
Do you dispatch to the UK…?  Many thanks"

Kaarina  Manzur, United Kingdom...
"I am very impressed with your approach and the standard of your music and presentation.  I am keeb to find another way for my 7 year old to appreciate music since a year of piano lessons has put her off.  Do you dispatch products to the United Kingdom?"

Steve Needham, United Kingdom...
"Hi, I am very much interested in your material, do you have a UK or European distributor or can I order over the web.  Also do you do guitar books as well?"
The Following Evaluations Were Made By Some of The Judges After Being Submitted For Consideration
In All Of The Following Categories:

Best First Book

"O.K. - this is my new favorite children's book & music book - all rolled into one!  The art is very bright & colorful, paper stock is good quality, binding is sturdy, and concepts in the book are introduced very well!  I love this book!  You are the winner to me!  Great job!"

"What a great book!  This explains music very well and uses a lot of fun activities to reinforce the concepts.  Great graphics in the book - great type & use of white space - beautiful cover art!"

Best Children's Audio & Book

"Very educational and fun!  Recordings support all aspects of the book.  White lettering on black background is easy to distinguish."

Best Design

"Grand Staff & His Musical Friends is an introductory lesson to music for children...I think this has been done very well.  The interior of the book has the same dramatic images, full bleed with excitement built in every page, from the oversized font to the dozen plus colors.  I suspect as the book stands now it would do what it wanted to do very well.  My congratulations to the publisher on a darn good book."

Best Editorial

"Unique and colorful - a winner!"
Benjamin Franklin Awards
The Benjamin Franklin Awards is regarded as one of the highest national honors in small and independent book publishing.  This award is administered by IBPA, Independent Book Publishers Association (formerly PMA) with the help of publishing professionals coming from the library, bookstore, reviewer, designer, publicity and editorial industry segments.
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