Grand Staff's
Tour of Musical Styles
Created & Written
Mike Singer
(Copyrights MKVS 2000)

Samples of Artistic Style That Will be Used In This Book

Spread 1 (Introduction)

Left side text

Grand Staff has come up with something exciting again.
It is a tour of musical styles with his musical friends.
Together they will take us around,
From the largest cities to the smallest towns.
They will take us to islands and other countries too.
They will show us what musical people can do!

Right side text

They will take us to musical places and show us music is fun.
They will show us many kinds of music - more than just one.
They will show us Classical, Jazz, Blues, Swing, and Hip-Hop.
They will show us Country, Rock, Reggae, Rap, and Pop.
They will show us Spanish, Oriental, and Opera music too.
You will know many kinds of music when this musical tour is through!

Spread 2

In New York City, at Carnegie Hall,
Classical music is the most exciting of all.
At Classical music concerts an orchestra will play.
Go to one of these concerts and you will want to stay.
You will hear violins, drums, woodwinds, brass, and more.
The music will be so wonderful you will scream for an encore!

Spread 3

In New Orleans at a place called, Bourbon Street,
There are many Jazz musicians that you can meet.
These musicians are intellectually profound.
That means their music has a sophisticated sound!

Spread 4

Blues music is the preferred musical noise
In another big city called, Chicago Illinois.
Blues has to do with the way a person might feel
When they are sad, frustrated or get a bum deal.
Blues is a very inspiring sound,
When you are feeling lonely or down!

Spread 5

Big band Swing music is a very energetic thing.
It is the best kind of music if you like to dance and swing.
It will make you snap your fingers, tap your feet, and twist your hips.
It will make you move your shoulders and whistle with your lips!

Spread 6

Hip Hop music is really neat.
It is a hip, hop and happening musical treat.
Listen to it and you will like how you feel.
It is groovy, soulful, lively, and real!

Spread 7

In Nashville Tennessee, where the cowboy musicians play,
Country Western music is what the people listen to all day.
If you are in the mood for a cowboy hoedown,
Listen to Country Western music.  It's the perfect showdown!

Spread 8

If getting wild and crazy is your musical goal,
You will want to listen to some Rock & Roll.
There is Classic Rock, Hard Rock, and Heavy Medal too.
There are many Rock & Roll bands that you can listen to!

Spread 9

In tropical islands like Jamaica and Saint Croix,
Reggae music is what the people really enjoy.
The next time you are on the beach soaking up the sun,
Listen to some Reggae music.  It's a whole lot of fun!

Spread 10

There are two groups in music that like to Rap away.
One is in New York and the other is in L. A.
The Rappers like to talk a lot, but they do it in a musical way.
They talk about many issues and they say what they want to say!

Spread 11

If you want to hear something common for a while,
Listen to some Pop music.  It's a popular style.
The top-forty countdowns let you know who is on top.
But even though that changes a lot, the performers never stop!

Spread 12

Spanish music is hot, spicy, and full of romance.
It's the kind of music that makes you want to dance.
There's Flamenco, Tango, Milonga, Samba,
Mariachi, Bachata, Merenge, Bomba,
Cumbia, Lambada, Marimba, Salsa,
Llanero, Gaita, Mambo y Chachacha!

Spread 13

Oriental music from China and Japan,
Is also fun to listen to whenever you can.
This kind of music has a very mystical sound.
It's great to listen to when you're lounging around!

Spread 14

In Opera music the person is the instrument.
Training their voice is a great accomplishment.
The human voice makes the most beautiful sounds ever known.
It is the only way you can make music when you are all alone!

Spread 15 (Advertisement spread pointing to our other books)

Now that you know many kinds of music and musical places too,
What do you think the next thing is that you should do?
You should learn how to play an instrument and sing a song.
You might become a great musician yourself, before too long.
If you want to study the art of music: how to play, sing, read, and write,
Check out Grand Staff & His Musical Friends.  It is really out of sight!

(Copyrights MKVS 2000)